Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Obama speaks in 100th day prime time press conference tomorrow night!

Fox New refuses to televise, in what I believe will only hurt the Republican party even more!

President Obama is scheduled to speak in yet another prime time news conference tomorrow night, which marks the president's first 100 days in office. Obama is expected to outline exactly what he has done through the first 100 days, which include the signing of the Economy Recovery and Investment Act of 2009, the G-20 Summit in London aimed to pull the world out of this recession, and his visits overseas to American troops in Iraq as well as his controversial handshake with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Let me get this straight for you people. Obama didn't invite Chavez over to the White House for dinner. He didn't play golf with Chavez. He didn't have drinks with Chavez, or allow Chavez to babysit the kids while he and Michelle went out for a hot night on the town. No! He shook his hand and accepted a book from him. That's it. No need to blow shit out of proportion. Keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer. What you might call the acceptance of an enemy's book a weakness, I call smart thinking as well as a reserved eagerness to learn more about the enemy!

"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle."-Sun Tzu [L.G.]

What amuses me is that Fox News, largely dominated by right wing conservative broadcasting, refuses to cover the news conference. Even though conservative extremists like Sean Hannity do not agree (do not agree is a vast understatement) with the judgments and decisions of President Obama, the network's job is to broadcast the news whether or not they agree or disagree with the content. Choosing not to cover the President's press conference can not possibly help a desperate Republican party that clearly lost ground after their candidate's poorly contested race for the presidency last fall as well as the outcome of the election. Furthermore, Fox's stubbornness in this matter can be construed as a poor strategy to sway independent and undecided voters in the Republican party's favor when November of 2012 rolls around.

Television news channels, such as CNN and MSNBC will be showing Obama's prime time press event live on their respective networks. CNN takes a more liberal approach with their news coverage, while MSNBC remains a bit more politically balanced. The more live, prime-time coverage President Obama gets on those networks, the more empowered he will become as we delve deeper and deeper into his presidency. Since Fox News won't be showing the press conference, the entire country will be watching it on those two networks. A politician's reputation will usually shine brighter to the average independent voter when his speeches are cast through a positive bright light rather than a negative dark light or not at all. Keep in mind that President Obama currently has an approval rating of about 63% right now (highest approval rating at the 100 day mark for a United States President in 20 years!), which is only a single percentage point below that of what he had after the first couple weeks.

You would think if these right wings are eager to get this man out of office in 2012, and they firmly believe he's socializing the country and stealing from the piggy banks of these little brats, that their representation would show it to the world wide audience to encourage them who NOT to vote for. If you're Fox News, wouldn't you elect to show your extreme right-wing Sean Hannity wannabes of America additional bull things that Mr. Obama is 'supposedly saying and doing wrong' rather than hiding it by not covering it at all??? Perhaps their bitterness has sapped their energy or cognitive functionality to come up with anything else. It's only been a 100 days you assholes - We still got 3 years and 8 months to go!! The way things are going right now, there's a chance it will be 7 years and 8 months!!!

Get your shit together, Fox News. Of course I never accused those bitter, right wing douche bags of having any common sense. President Obama is The Man. As a proud supporter, I am looking forward to hearing what President Obama has to say tomorrow night.

Monday, April 27, 2009

After a spirited weekend of revelry, B-Money's back to banking checks!

If you can't B-Money, then you just can't be serious. I sense I'm progressing closer and closer to that point when I'll finally be able to get a place - perhaps a nice studio house or apartment!

After a lovely weekend down at the shore in Atlantic City and Lavallette respectively, we are back to yet another work week. Another week of making paper. Another week of staying focused, giving 110%, and coming correct rather than not at all. If you can't B-Money, then you just can't be serious. It's true. I established at the beginning of the year that this year was going to be about the hustle and building upon the foundation that I established for myself last year. I sense I'm progressing closer and closer to that point when I'll finally be able to get a place - like a nice studio house or apartment. For the time being, I continue to bank money, pay bills, and enjoy some leisurely activities on the weekends that I am fortunate enough to be a part of.

Frankly I just don't have time for folks who take it in their liberty to pass judgment, constantly inquire about my lifestyle, what I do, who I am, and knocking me for being a douche. I just don't have the time, as I simply have way too much on my plate at this moment. Therefore, I have been laying rather low key and giving my best effort to do B-Money and do FOR B-Money because the greatest investment one can make is in one's self. I have also been maintaining a pretty solid budget that I created for myself, and as a result of this budget, I'm able to spend pretty comfortably and save a substantial amount of my income at the same time. With every two weeks that go by, I continue to build a nice little nest egg for myself.

I'm the type of guy who will do my very best to help a family member or even friend sometimes when they are financially struggling in a time of need. When I've been in a position to have to borrow money from someone (quite rare due to the fact that I do not feel comfortable doing so; don't like to have to pay someone back), I've paid back the money that I borrowed from that person - mostly family. Don't get me wrong ladies and gentlemen, I figured I had a long road ahead of me to make people believe I'm not a total douche.

Being looked down upon, or being diagnosed with ridiculous illnesses from one who retains a position as a receptionist is not something I'm prepared to take seriously, considering the source that the diagnosis is coming from. That does nothing to speed up my efforts to proof that I am not a douche. It does nothing at all. Nothing against receptionists, but their job descriptions are far cries - extremely far cries - from having the resources and acumen to diagnose others with mental illnesses. I'd like to think that I am pretty reasonable; the type of dude who is nice to you if you are nice to me. I don't like trouble. I don't like problems, but if there is something that I decide to challenge, question, or even disagree with, I will open my mouth about it and speak up! There are some who just can't handle it. Too bad.

To sum everything up, B-Money's breaking necks and cashing checks (Will Ferrell as Brennan Huff in Step Brothers). B-Money will be making an appearance at Miami Mike's Sports Zone in East Hanover this Saturday night to watch Pacquiao vs. Hatton. That's a battle between Pacquiao, the best Pound for Pound fighter in the world, and Hatton, the 140lb world champion. Clearly this is the biggest fight of 2009. This is a fight that boxing fans all over the world are looking forward to. It's East vs. West; kind of reminds me of the whole Rocky vs. Ivan Drago type of scenario - another battle pitting East and West against each other. Hope to see some familiar faces at Miami Mike's on Cinco De Mayo weekend for this big mega fight.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nice time in Atlantic City!

Beanie's birthday celebration was an enjoyable one on what was a gorgeous day that probably reached temperatures of at least mid 80s. As you saw in the videos, we did pay a visit to the loved, adored, and very dearly missed Richard Stockton College of NJ. Due to an eagerly awaited excursion to Atlantic City, our visit at Stockton was reasonably brief as we took a short walk around the campus where the new apartments in Housing V stand.

Originally we had intended to go to P.F. Chang's for dinner, but it turned out they were booked until 11pm with reservations, which is to be expected on a Saturday night in Atlantic City, so we changed up our dinner plans. We had a big party of twelve, which goes to show you how popular the Beanster is. Greg Root met us at Tangos at the Quarter in the Tropicana. Beanie's former Stockton roommate Shannon also came to join us, along with her guy friend whose name I regretfully forget (sorry!) There was a place called the Country Kitchen on the boardwalk, which looked pretty decent in terms of the food on the menu as well as the prices, so we made that our dinner spot. The food was awesome; I ended up getting a Aztec Quesadilla Burger and that hit the spot.

Shortly after dinner, we all went to this novelty shop where some of the folks in the group bought shot glasses, mugs, or whatever floated their boat. Jack bought like three shot glasses. Chris and I decided to ride back to the shore house in Lavallette with Greg, so we left AC while the remainder of the group stayed to indulge the Atlantic City resort ambiance for just a bit longer. Driving into Lavallette on the way back to the shore house, the three of us stopped off at a liquor store to purchase a few more beverages. Greg got a six pack of Michelob Amber Bock, while I bought a six pack of Guinness Drought and a couple mini bottles of Tangeray so I could make myself a couple glasses of Tangeray and 7up (great drink by the way, for any of you who may not have tried it yet!). Once we returned to the shore house, a hungry Greg ordered a sausage and mushrooms pizza pie from this pizza parlor on the island called The Oven.

About an hour after Greg, Chris, I made it back to the shore house, Ray, Mel, Jack, Mike, Angie, and Beanie returned as well. At that time, we opened the birthday cake and prepped it with candles for Beanie's birthday serenade. Shortly thereafter, Beanie parted ways with us to head back up North. I didn't have any pizza, but I did have a piece of that delicious ice cream cake and also made a late night walk to Wawa to get a cheese steak with Ray, Mel, Mike, and Jack when they returned from Atlantic City.

To cap off what was an amazing day as well as a stroll down memory lane at Stockton, we watched the original 2007 direct to video film Superman:Doomsday. Not necessarily from intoxication but more so exhaustion, I passed in a sitting position while watching the movie. What can I say? It was a long day, but one that I thoroughly enjoyed!

Apparently today is supposed to be just as nice, if not nicer, than yesterday was in terms of the weather. Looking out the screened windows next to me and noticing that's the case, this might be my first day on the beach tanning in bathing trunks. We're not even in the month of May yet! I'm loving it all. Time for this hot boy to add some color to his complexion. Gotta have that complexion to create affection.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My return to Stockton, strolling down memory lane!

On the way to Atlantic City on Saturday, we made a stop at the all so familiar Exit 44 off the Garden State Parkway to spend a little time on the campus at Stockton. Great for nostalgic value. Everytime I go back to Stockton for a visit, it seems they've built something new or added something to the campus.

Ready for some Atlantic City enchantment!

... here hundreds sit and play Bingo; here the bright lights of Broadway burn through a sea haze; here Somebodies tumble over other Somebodies and over Nobodies as well.

Upon leaving work yesterday afternoon, I headed straight down to Mike's shore house in Lavallette. Once I arrived, I noticed that Chris and his friend were at the house. Mike had not yet arrived. The three of us hung out for a bit, before Mike eventually made his way to the shore house. Today is a gorgeous day that will probably be at least 80 degrees. No better day to go to Stockton and Atlantic to celebrate Beanie's birthday than today. It looks like we will be going to P.F. Chang's at the Quarter in the Tropicana for lunch. Right now Mike, Angela, Ray, Mel, Chris, Jack and I are here at the shore house. We'll probably get a little breakfast at Wawa and take a walk across Rt. 35 over the beach before we hit the road for P-town and AC. Greg Root is going to meet up with all of us at Stockton, while Beanie and her boyfriend will be joining us in AC for the festivities. This day feels like summer and I could not be happier about that. I'm just happy to be back down here in this beautiful area and I'm thrilled that we will be returning to our old stomping grounds - stomping grounds that I called home for four of the best years of my life. Let the good times roll. Roll, they will.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saturday was the unofficial Memorial Day!

Yesterday marked what I like to call the unofficial Memorial Day, as Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning of summer and yesterday felt like a summer day. With temperatures reaching a high of 76 degrees, it was the perfect day to be outside. I woke up pretty early yesterday morning; a little after 9AM I would say. Around noon I decided to treat myself to lunch at Panera. I ordered a cup of Creme of Broccoli soup and a 1/2 Caesar Salad. Afterwards I drove to 7-11 and purchased myself a slurpee. Nothing like taking care of yourself, huh? LOL. Both the lunch and slurpee were quite enjoyable. Later in the afternoon I decided to go for a walk around town to embrace and take advantage of such a gorgeous day. While D-town is by no means scenic, there are still plenty of streets and neighborhood blocks to walk through.

After walking for about an hour, I arrived back home only to hear the shouting of my nickname, "B-Money!" It was Billy D, sitting on Duane's porch down the street, chanting my name and asking me to come over. Duane has been one of our neighbors for years and Bill used to work with him at Enablx, so I walked over to Duane's house to sit down with them and talk for a few minutes. As it turned out, a few minutes turned into a few hours and we all decided to order pizza and buy more booze. LOL. Duane's buddy Lenny was also there with his cute little six year old daughter Ariana. She was adorable. Hell of a scene from her view point I would imagine, being in the presence of four lushes, but we all behaved appropriately under the influence of the alcohol and she seemed to handle it pretty well and was constantly smiling regardless.

We ordered a pepperoni pie and a buffalo chicken pie from M&S II, which I went to pick up for us being that the others were too drunk to drive and I wasn't that drunk yet. On my way to M&S II, I stopped off at the Shop rite Liquors in Rockaway to buy a 12 pack of Labatt Blue along with ... *drum roll* a six pack of Sam Adams Summer Ale!!! Yes, Sam Adams Summer Ale is already on the market, months before the official start of the summer season. The Summer Ale has to be one of my top five favorite beers, so I picked that up as well so the guys could try it out if they had not already had it. When I got back to Duane's, we all enjoyed the pizza and beer and had a nice little chat for a few hours. Beautiful day and beautiful summer weather. I was quite pleased.

Today is not as warm or sunny, but it's certainly livable. As long as it is not raining (which might happen a little later because it's cloudy), snowing, and I'm not freezing my ass off, I'm alright. Nice weather, like we enjoyed yesterday, is a bonus and I am eagerly anticipating more where that came from when June and July hit us. We're less than a week away from Beanie's big birthday celebration in Atlantic City. From what I understand, we will probably be going to the Quarter in the Tropicana, which is a nice resort with many different stores, restaurants, and a beautiful casino. As you may or may not know, P.F. Chang's at the Tropicana is my former place of employment, but they serve delicious Chinese food and there is a chance we'll all be having lunch there.

A trip to Stockton is also in the works, as we'll likely spend at least an hour walking around and checking out the new on-campus apartments, reminiscing about the good old legendary college days we once enjoyed at the wonderful Pomona campus we called home for four years of our lives. Dinner at Galloway Diner is also a possibility, depending on the time that we have. Other than spending Saturday in Atlantic City, the rest of the weekend will be spent at Mike's shore house in Lavallette. On Friday night, we'll probably go to Hemingways in Seaside. If the weather is nice on Sunday, we'll most likely spend some time on the beach at Ocean Beach, which is blocks away from Mike's shore house.

Overall, I expect fun and exciting birthday weekend for Beanie. Plenty of pictures and videos from what is expected to be a sensational weekend will be taken and posted. Summer will soon be upon us and I can not wait for its arrival.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

After the Resurrection, Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and Mary the mother of James went to the tomb. They found the stone rolled away, and two "men in dazzling garments" said to them, "Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, he has been raised."

From Good Friday through Saturday, we saw cloudy skies and pouring rain for the most part. Today, it is fitting that the sun has finally come out. The Almighty has risen, and the sun is shinning bright on this beautiful Easter Sunday. My mother cooked a delicious ham along with mashed potatoes and corn. She also color dyed some eggs. Happy Easter everyone!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy holiday weekend to all!

The Easter and Passover holiday weekend is upon us, but it remains a rainy weekend. It usually rains on Good Friday, though, and for good reason. Today is another wet one outside, but I suppose the rainy is necessary. I will gladly accept rain before snow any day of the week and twice on Sunday, as we need the rain to help the plants and trees grow and get ready to welcome summer which is on it's way about two months from now. Rainy is essential at this time, but it still doesn't feel that nice to have the cloudy skies spitting down at you! LOL.

Tonight is yet another fight night on HBO, as middleweights Paul Williams and Winky Wright will square off in a 12 round affair at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV. William, 27, is ten years Wright's junior and has been active in the ring, fighting all comers from 147lbs to 160lbs. Wright has been inactive since his July 2007 unanimous decision loss to then-light heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins. I'll be watching this fight on television at home, but I look forward to making another visit to Miami Mike's on May 2 for the Pacquiao vs. Hatton 140lb super fight which will be televised on HBO PPV. For more on both of these boxing events, be sure check out BoxingChronicles.com, coming to you from none other than B-Money!

Lets see... has anybody heard about Prince's latest album 'MPLSoUND'? Well it includes a song in which he reveals his attraction and admiration for actress Selma Hayek by addressing her daughter Valentina. The main lyrics in the song are, "Hey, Valentina, tell your mama she should give me a call. When she gets tired of running after you down the hall." That would probably come off as creepy if the average Joe were to make such a statement, but this is Prince we're talking about here. He's just a little eccentric and we could probably come to expect those types of lyrics from him, although he is an admired and respected performer in the music industry. I can't blame him either for attraction to Hayek. Prince has my kind of taste; Hayek is definitely one hot piece!

Other than that, I'm just taking it easy as this spring unfolds and I'm looking forward to the events that are yet to happen in the upcoming weeks and months. Stay tuned for more news in the coming days and have a Happy Holiday!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Spring days that are getting longer and events to look forward to!

Beanie's 25th birthday celebration April 25 in Atlantic City;
Pacquiao vs. Hatton on May 2 at Miami Mike's Sports Zone!

We had a beautiful day today, and now we have a nice balmy Thursday evening. Days are gradually getting longer and longer, which is what I like to see around this time of the year. The month of April is upon is and we have the Beanie birthday celebration scheduled for April 25 in Atlantic City. I am eagerly awaiting my upcoming return to Atlantic City.

Last time I was there, Mike, Greg, Chris, and I took a day trip down there on New Years Day to spend some time in the casinos at the Tropicana as well as to have dinner at Hooters. A meal at the Galloway Diner as well as walk around the campus at Stockton for nostalgic value are also in the works. The following weekend on May 2, I'll be going to Miami Mike's for the much anticipated Pacquiao vs. Hatton PPV fight.

Back in December on the night of the Pacquiao vs. De la hoya fight, the ring card girl in the bikini was fucking hot and I hope to catch similar eye candy at the sports zone on Cinco De Mayo weekend, as well as the great 140lb mega fight between East and West and my enjoyable consumption of some tasty adult beverages. Yes indeed ladies and gentlemen, this is certainly a spring with events to look forward to.