Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nice time in Atlantic City!

Beanie's birthday celebration was an enjoyable one on what was a gorgeous day that probably reached temperatures of at least mid 80s. As you saw in the videos, we did pay a visit to the loved, adored, and very dearly missed Richard Stockton College of NJ. Due to an eagerly awaited excursion to Atlantic City, our visit at Stockton was reasonably brief as we took a short walk around the campus where the new apartments in Housing V stand.

Originally we had intended to go to P.F. Chang's for dinner, but it turned out they were booked until 11pm with reservations, which is to be expected on a Saturday night in Atlantic City, so we changed up our dinner plans. We had a big party of twelve, which goes to show you how popular the Beanster is. Greg Root met us at Tangos at the Quarter in the Tropicana. Beanie's former Stockton roommate Shannon also came to join us, along with her guy friend whose name I regretfully forget (sorry!) There was a place called the Country Kitchen on the boardwalk, which looked pretty decent in terms of the food on the menu as well as the prices, so we made that our dinner spot. The food was awesome; I ended up getting a Aztec Quesadilla Burger and that hit the spot.

Shortly after dinner, we all went to this novelty shop where some of the folks in the group bought shot glasses, mugs, or whatever floated their boat. Jack bought like three shot glasses. Chris and I decided to ride back to the shore house in Lavallette with Greg, so we left AC while the remainder of the group stayed to indulge the Atlantic City resort ambiance for just a bit longer. Driving into Lavallette on the way back to the shore house, the three of us stopped off at a liquor store to purchase a few more beverages. Greg got a six pack of Michelob Amber Bock, while I bought a six pack of Guinness Drought and a couple mini bottles of Tangeray so I could make myself a couple glasses of Tangeray and 7up (great drink by the way, for any of you who may not have tried it yet!). Once we returned to the shore house, a hungry Greg ordered a sausage and mushrooms pizza pie from this pizza parlor on the island called The Oven.

About an hour after Greg, Chris, I made it back to the shore house, Ray, Mel, Jack, Mike, Angie, and Beanie returned as well. At that time, we opened the birthday cake and prepped it with candles for Beanie's birthday serenade. Shortly thereafter, Beanie parted ways with us to head back up North. I didn't have any pizza, but I did have a piece of that delicious ice cream cake and also made a late night walk to Wawa to get a cheese steak with Ray, Mel, Mike, and Jack when they returned from Atlantic City.

To cap off what was an amazing day as well as a stroll down memory lane at Stockton, we watched the original 2007 direct to video film Superman:Doomsday. Not necessarily from intoxication but more so exhaustion, I passed in a sitting position while watching the movie. What can I say? It was a long day, but one that I thoroughly enjoyed!

Apparently today is supposed to be just as nice, if not nicer, than yesterday was in terms of the weather. Looking out the screened windows next to me and noticing that's the case, this might be my first day on the beach tanning in bathing trunks. We're not even in the month of May yet! I'm loving it all. Time for this hot boy to add some color to his complexion. Gotta have that complexion to create affection.

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