Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ready for some Atlantic City enchantment!

... here hundreds sit and play Bingo; here the bright lights of Broadway burn through a sea haze; here Somebodies tumble over other Somebodies and over Nobodies as well.

Upon leaving work yesterday afternoon, I headed straight down to Mike's shore house in Lavallette. Once I arrived, I noticed that Chris and his friend were at the house. Mike had not yet arrived. The three of us hung out for a bit, before Mike eventually made his way to the shore house. Today is a gorgeous day that will probably be at least 80 degrees. No better day to go to Stockton and Atlantic to celebrate Beanie's birthday than today. It looks like we will be going to P.F. Chang's at the Quarter in the Tropicana for lunch. Right now Mike, Angela, Ray, Mel, Chris, Jack and I are here at the shore house. We'll probably get a little breakfast at Wawa and take a walk across Rt. 35 over the beach before we hit the road for P-town and AC. Greg Root is going to meet up with all of us at Stockton, while Beanie and her boyfriend will be joining us in AC for the festivities. This day feels like summer and I could not be happier about that. I'm just happy to be back down here in this beautiful area and I'm thrilled that we will be returning to our old stomping grounds - stomping grounds that I called home for four of the best years of my life. Let the good times roll. Roll, they will.

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