Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saturday was the unofficial Memorial Day!

Yesterday marked what I like to call the unofficial Memorial Day, as Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning of summer and yesterday felt like a summer day. With temperatures reaching a high of 76 degrees, it was the perfect day to be outside. I woke up pretty early yesterday morning; a little after 9AM I would say. Around noon I decided to treat myself to lunch at Panera. I ordered a cup of Creme of Broccoli soup and a 1/2 Caesar Salad. Afterwards I drove to 7-11 and purchased myself a slurpee. Nothing like taking care of yourself, huh? LOL. Both the lunch and slurpee were quite enjoyable. Later in the afternoon I decided to go for a walk around town to embrace and take advantage of such a gorgeous day. While D-town is by no means scenic, there are still plenty of streets and neighborhood blocks to walk through.

After walking for about an hour, I arrived back home only to hear the shouting of my nickname, "B-Money!" It was Billy D, sitting on Duane's porch down the street, chanting my name and asking me to come over. Duane has been one of our neighbors for years and Bill used to work with him at Enablx, so I walked over to Duane's house to sit down with them and talk for a few minutes. As it turned out, a few minutes turned into a few hours and we all decided to order pizza and buy more booze. LOL. Duane's buddy Lenny was also there with his cute little six year old daughter Ariana. She was adorable. Hell of a scene from her view point I would imagine, being in the presence of four lushes, but we all behaved appropriately under the influence of the alcohol and she seemed to handle it pretty well and was constantly smiling regardless.

We ordered a pepperoni pie and a buffalo chicken pie from M&S II, which I went to pick up for us being that the others were too drunk to drive and I wasn't that drunk yet. On my way to M&S II, I stopped off at the Shop rite Liquors in Rockaway to buy a 12 pack of Labatt Blue along with ... *drum roll* a six pack of Sam Adams Summer Ale!!! Yes, Sam Adams Summer Ale is already on the market, months before the official start of the summer season. The Summer Ale has to be one of my top five favorite beers, so I picked that up as well so the guys could try it out if they had not already had it. When I got back to Duane's, we all enjoyed the pizza and beer and had a nice little chat for a few hours. Beautiful day and beautiful summer weather. I was quite pleased.

Today is not as warm or sunny, but it's certainly livable. As long as it is not raining (which might happen a little later because it's cloudy), snowing, and I'm not freezing my ass off, I'm alright. Nice weather, like we enjoyed yesterday, is a bonus and I am eagerly anticipating more where that came from when June and July hit us. We're less than a week away from Beanie's big birthday celebration in Atlantic City. From what I understand, we will probably be going to the Quarter in the Tropicana, which is a nice resort with many different stores, restaurants, and a beautiful casino. As you may or may not know, P.F. Chang's at the Tropicana is my former place of employment, but they serve delicious Chinese food and there is a chance we'll all be having lunch there.

A trip to Stockton is also in the works, as we'll likely spend at least an hour walking around and checking out the new on-campus apartments, reminiscing about the good old legendary college days we once enjoyed at the wonderful Pomona campus we called home for four years of our lives. Dinner at Galloway Diner is also a possibility, depending on the time that we have. Other than spending Saturday in Atlantic City, the rest of the weekend will be spent at Mike's shore house in Lavallette. On Friday night, we'll probably go to Hemingways in Seaside. If the weather is nice on Sunday, we'll most likely spend some time on the beach at Ocean Beach, which is blocks away from Mike's shore house.

Overall, I expect fun and exciting birthday weekend for Beanie. Plenty of pictures and videos from what is expected to be a sensational weekend will be taken and posted. Summer will soon be upon us and I can not wait for its arrival.

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