Tuesday, May 26, 2009

American Cancer Society Relay for Life Saturday night!

This Saturday night B-Money will be heading up to Sussex County Community College to participate in the Relay for Life. Relay for Life is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. In what is an opportunity to stay physically active, I also see this as a golden opportunity to do a good deed and give back to those less fortunate.

Overall this should be a fun occasion, as Mike will also be participating with me along with Beanie. We'll be setting up a tent to camp out in as we take turns walking laps around the track on campus throughout the night. Hopefully the weather is up to par; the forecast is calling for yet another beautiful weekend much like the Memorial Day weekend we had. How was Memorial Day for everyone? Mine was low key at best, but there's always a quiet before the big storm. This weekend will be the relay for life.

The following weekend, June 5-6, a number of us will be down in Lavallette for the weekend at Mike's shore house enjoying yet another fun filled weekend of leisure activities as we ring in the summer. More on the upcoming Lavallette weekend in the following post.

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