Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Anticipation of June 5-6 Lavallette/Wildwood day trip weekend!

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, B-Money will be back in the shore scene on the weekend of June 5-6, looking and feeling hotter than ever before. Yes I've been in the gym and yes I've burn hundreds of calories, so I'm going to continue to keep working out and I fully intend to showcase this work in progress on the weekend of June 5-6. It's going to be hot! I'll be covering two beach points through out that eventful weekend, as I'll be in the Lavallette/Ocean Beach/Seaside area on Friday and Sunday and Wildwood on Saturday.

On Friday June 5, we'll be making a hotly anticipated return to Joey Harrison's Surf Club, where I hope to enjoy a couple of drinks out back by the beach as well as the beautiful eye candy that will be strutting through the place. As we all know, I'm not too shabby myself. I'm tall, soon to be dark, and always handsome. LOL. Along with those features, I am also more physically fit now than ever, so we'll see how well that serves me on the upcoming beach weekend. Certainly June 21 is the official start of the summer, but we all know that summer is already here for the most part.

Saturday morning we will be taking a day trip to Wildwood, where we'll spend some time on the boardwalk and perhaps even some of the rides in the amusement park section of the boardwalk. One of my main objectives is just to get outside, get down to the shore where my heart is, and work on my sun tan as well as enjoying the terrific company I surround myself with as well as showing off my more physically fit body. Don't get me wrong folks; it's a far cry from what I want it to look like. However, I've also made some progress from what it once appeared to be. Surf Club, Wildwood, beach, tanning, swimming, gorgeous tits and ass, I say "Bring it on baby! I will take it ALL!!!!!"

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