Friday, May 15, 2009

As summer approaches, B-Money is once again back on the gym grind where he plans to stay!

I am a brainiac with a sharp mind and I could certainly use a sharp and chiseled looking body to compliment it!

Well it's been about a week since you have heard anything or read anything from me, so what exactly is the latest and greatest with the great B-Money???

Yet another weekend has graced us with its presence, so I am pretty happy about that. Lately I've been laying low just trying to get myself situated with certain matters in my life, but rest assured B-Money has been on the grind in more ways than one! On Monday of last week, I finally made a much anticipated return to the gym. Not just a return to the gym, but a return to a new gym with a new membership and brand new vision.

I am now a proud member of Retro Fitness, which is a pleasant and reasonably priced gym with a movie theater room that shows random motion pictures and contains steppers, exercise bikes, and treadmills for cardio. They promote workouts with more positive experiences. There is also a bar up front where members can sit down and enjoy a protein shake at the end of a work out. Throughout the week I have been doing workouts for different part of the body, in an attempt to work out the kinks of a body that has been idle and inactive from a fitness standpoint.

On Wednesday and Thursday, I actually went twice a day - once in the morning for cardio and once at night for lifting. Mind, body, and soul all the way baby! If you want to be the champion, then you must work like a champion as well as think like a champion. With summer right around the corner as well as the much-anticipated wedding in which I am one of the groomsmen in August, B-Money needs to get this body up to par. I am a brainiac with a sharp mind and I could certainly use a sharp and chiseled looking body to compliment it!

Slowly but surely, I am cleaning up my finances rather nicely. As you all know, I finally put my Capital One to rest last weekend by paying off the entire balance. No more Capital One. Tomorrow afternoon when my paycheck from today clears in my checking account, I will also be paying remainder of my balance - $95 - with NJM, at which point my auto insurance policy can go rest in peace with my Capital One - at least until January 2010 which is still thankfully six months away.

Tomorrow afternoon, after my check clears and I pay the remaining balance of my auto insurance bill, I will probably go to a Verizon Wireless store to sign up for a cellular plan with them. After speaking with a T-Mobile customer service representative earlier this week, I discovered that my contract has expired. Being that most of my close friends and acquaintances also have Verizon cell phone plans, my contract expiration with T-Mobile was terrific news in the sense that I do not pay any potential cancellation fees for opting out of my contract and I can start a cheaper and more convenient plan with Verizon and still retain my current phone number. For approximately $60, I am choosing the 400 minute plan with unlimited texting as well as free nights and weekends. Ladies and gentlemen, my transition from T-Mobile to Verizon has been long over due. I am tired of paying astronomically high cell phone bills each month.

To sum up my current status I have been on the grind and out of the public's eye for the most part, but do not misconstrue or misinterpret what the upcoming months have in store for B-Money and company. Summer, many outstanding summer nights and weekends, and a wedding are down the road and I am looking forward to every single bit of it. Through mind, body, and soul, I just want to be ready for it all and ready to enjoy every moment. That's about it for now. Have a nice night and a lovely weekend. Blog you later!

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