Saturday, May 09, 2009

Goodbye Capital One!

I finally paid off the entire balance; no longer using credit. My T-Mobile is the next thing to go!

Today is a day that I will remember for a very long time. I have finally paid off my entire Capital One credit card balance and will no longer be billed unless I spend it on anything. Barring a really dire emergency, I am not spending a single penny of that credit card. My credit score and history need warrant significant improvement, so that is why I paid the entire balance. No more credit card bills. YESSSS!!! *****applause*****

For the past six months, I have also been working with a law firm to help repair my credit history, so I am definitely on the right path to my own economic recovery and prosperity.There's even a possibility that I will have it chopped up so I can't use it anymore. Earlier this afternoon, I also paid my T-Mobile cellular bill that is due on May 14, but I will be calling their 800 number on Monday to cancel out of my contract and start a new cellular contract with Verizon. Yes I realize I should have done this a long time ago, but one must crawl before one walks and one must also realize when they're being billed way more than they should. I am very proud of myself today for having paid off all of these bills, as I firmly believe this is going to be of service to me in my plans for long term financial growth.

I have also paid $305 towards my auto insurance bill and I only have $95 (yes I said 95!) left to pay for the remainder of the year. What can I say? It comes with having a pristine clean driving record. Clearly I'm not a moron who drives drunk and incurs D.U.I charges. Clearly I have been driving for over ten years and never come close to getting into an accident. I am a damn good driver as well as a responsible human being who is fortunate enough to be a member - in my fourth year - of a terrific, second-to-none auto insurance company!! The remaining $95 will be paid after I deposit the pay check I am going to receive on Friday.

That's why I'm B-Money, ladies and gentlemen. Many of you wonder why I rightfully have the nickname???? Because the name of my game is to pay as little as possible and make as much as possible. That is the key to financial prosperity. Minimize your bills and maximize your income. People often go by what a given individual earns or what he or she is worth. Forget about worth. It is not about what you're worth. It is all about what you have and what you can afford. Always remember my slogan; if you can't B-Money then you just can't be serious!

I also want to wish all of the mothers a Happy Mother's Day!


Dylan said...

B-Money, nice job getting the bills under control. Good advice, too. I thought I'd mention as an aside that whether you ultimately end up with T-Mobile or Verizon there are a couple ways to use the internet to soften the monthly blow of the cell bill that you might want to check out if you haven't already. One blog called constantly tracks new ways to cut wireless costs and exposes shady billing practices utilized by the cell phone companies. Also, take a look at the consumer advocacy website where I (admittedly) work, , that slashes the average cell bill by 22 percent. Through the site, which is powered by a company called Validas, we have currently audited over 26,000 cell lines and have saved consumers over $5 million off their wireless bills. You can see Validas in the national news media, most recently on Good Morning America at

Good luck on continuing to cut your expenses in the recession.


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