Friday, May 22, 2009

Thoughts and feelings heading into Memorial Day weekend!

B-Money is definitely setting it off, as he gets ready for the summer months. I’m thrilled that I’m getting out of work today by 3PM for the early start of what is going to be a three day Memorial Day weekend. This morning, I had a delicious parfait for breakfast which consists of granola, fat free yogurt, blueberries, and strawberries. Absolutely delicious and refreshing; I could not get enough of it. Lately I’ve been eating protein bars and energy bars. The Luna Bars, which are 70% organic, are really good. Last night I had the chocolate raspberry flavored Luna Bar. On the stepper at the gym last night, I burnt over 500 calories in what was a fat burning workout. Like I said before, I definitely got it going on right now but I’m still a work in progress. There are a number of things that I really want to get worked out. As you all know, credit card is paid off, auto insurance is paid off, and I have a beautiful new phone with a keyboard under a phone plan that is much more convenient for yours truly. Memorial Day weekend is just about here, as well as the unofficial start to Summer 2009. I wish everyone a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!

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