Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Grateful for payday and employment under any circumstances!

I'm looking forward to 4th of July weekend!

Today I am grateful that it is payday. I’m grateful for the fact that I'm employed and the fact that I have great friends, upcoming events, and positive people who give me awesome compliments. Yes, for the most part the money is going to other places, accounts, and a variety of obligations that I have to meet. However, it’s great to get paid regardless. I choose not to elaborate much on a gloomy past. Why turn around and check out the long, dark, and dismal looking tunnel behind me when the bright light and fortune is ahead? I’m looking forward to 4th of July weekend as well as a probable return to Stress Factory this Friday night. More details to follow in a future post coming very soon. Anticipating a possible trip to Las Vegas in November, B-Money is all about the present and future baby!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The weekend that started with The Hangover!

After getting out of work at about 5PM yesterday, I went over to Mike's house in Edison to meet up with Mike, Chris, and Angela. Along the way, I ended up getting lost on Rt 27, which goes out into the middle of absolutely no where once you get beyond New Brunswick!

You actually go through the South Brunswick/Monmouth Junction area, which is a pretty nice little area, but once you make your way South of that point, you're out in the middle of nowhere. All of a sudden I noticed a building with a banner on it that contained a telephone number with a 609 area code, which was my queue to turn around immediately!

I made my way back up North, with the help of the directions that Mike text messaged me, and made a right turn at the Wawa that is located in North Brunswick to get back onto Rt 1 again. Not a fun ride at all; getting lost and hitting traffic is never fun (the two of them combined is almost as bad as Chinese water torture). Eventually I finally arrived at Mike's house at approximately 7:45 PM.

Usually I take the Garden State Parkway to Rt 27, which dumps me off in Mike's area right around Wood Ave, but this time I took I-287 to Rt 27 as a shortcut and it backfired on me big time. Once I got to Mike's house, we all took off and went to the North Brunswick Pub on Rt 1 for dinner. After dinner we went to the movie theater at the Menlo Park Mall to see The Hangover (from the director of Old School). That had to be the funniest movie I've seen in five years. B-Money gives it two thumbs up.

The four main characters in the movie are Phil, Alan, Stu, and Doug. Doug is a bachelor who has a wedding coming up. These four guys are friends who decide to throw Doug a bachelor party in Las Vegas, but their party gets out of hand after going up on the roof of the hotel they're staying at to enjoy a celebratory toast. They discover in the midst of their hangover the next morning that they misplaced their bachelor at some point during their alcohol and drug induced escapades from the previous night! LMAO. That's all I am going to tell you, ladies and gentlemen.

Do you want to see all of the trouble and funny shit these guys go through during their drunkenness as well as their adventure to find their bachelor friend? Go see The Hangover, which is currently playing in theaters. Some guys just can't handle Vegas! That was a laugh I sorely needed after all that happened earlier this week.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson -- The 911 Call

Did Michael Jackson's doctor kill him in a malpractice?

UPDATE: According to TMZ, Dr. Conrad Robert Murray is currently in Los Angeles. He is preparing to speak with law enforcement officials regarding the death of Michael Jackson.

Apparently Michael Jackson's doctor, who has been identified as Dr. Conrad Robert Murray, was living with Jackson and gave him a shot of Demerol at approximately 11:30 AM yesterday. It was not until after noon that a staff member found Jackson unconscious and not breathing. According to TMZ, Murray attempted to revive Jackson until the paramedics showed up at the scene, at which time they went to the hospital together and Jackson was declared Dead on Arrival. Since their arrival at the hospital, from what has been released so far, Murray is missing in action. Murray's automobile, which is registered to his sister, remained at the Jackson residence and was recently towed away, but Murray remains missing. This whole case is way too shady and it makes Murray look guilty as sin. As of now the case has been turned over to LAPD's Robbery and Homicide Division and Murray is wanted for questioning. Did Murray overdose Jackson with Demerol and kill him in a malpractice homicide? Still waiting for further information as the case unfolds. Autopsy is likely being done on Jackson's body as this post is being published.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


On the date of June 25, 2009, with the passing of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson on the same day, this is a day in which the world of Pop Culture will forever live in infamy!

Listening to the radio about an hour ago, I received word that Michael Jackson, 50, died in a hospital in Los Angeles. A little after noon today, Jackson was at home when he stopped breathing and a staff member made the 911 call to come get him and bring him to the hospital. From what I've heard, he was dead on arrival. Michael Jackson was the biggest celebrity in the world, really needing no introduction, as everyone recognized him as the King of Pop. Michael Jackson was the black Elvis Presley!

On this evening, I am deeply saddened by this man's passing. He was a legend and his songs were inspirational. His sing voice, lyrics, and overall presence will always be remembered. There so many classic songs that he came out with: Billy Jean, Thriller, Beat it, You Are Not Alone, Man in the Mirror, Smooth Criminal, Wanna Be Starting Something, etc. So many songs to remember and so many hits. Michael Jackson's album Thriller clearly remains the best selling album of all times. It was indeed a legendary album of epic proportions. Jackson will always remain an icon who set the standard for pop culture.

Jackson is the man whom current stars such as R.Kelly, Usher, Justin Timberlake, and many others among them, have idolized for years as they rose to prominence in their careers as performers. This post is all for you, Michael Jackson, wherever your spirit may be. May you ascend to Heaven, after all of the freakishly troubling moments you faced in life. On the date of June 24, with the passing of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson on the same day, this is a day in which the world of Pop Culture will forever live in infamy! May the spirit of the King of Pop rest in peace. Michael Jackson, you will forever be remembered....

A moment of silence and recollection....


My sincere condolences go out to Jackson's family and friends, especially the kids. Rest in Peace.

Battle to legalize NJ sports gambling supported by Gov. Corzine!

According to an article I read on NJ.com, New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine (D) has joined Senator Ray Lesniak in a spirited battle to legalize sports betting in the state of NJ. There are only four states in the country that allow sports gambling – Delaware, Montana, Nevada, and Oregon. Legalized sports betting in the state of NJ would do wonders for increasing the money coming into the state, increased tourism, and bigger boxing matches and sports events that take place here. I love and adore Atlantic City as well as the surrounding towns down in that Southern part of the state. Atlantic City was practically my backyard during my years as a student at The Richard Stockton College of NJ. I worked there for almost a year and it was a tremendous experience. Legalized sports gambling would do wonders for that city as well as this state. Once gambling is legalized, I can start cleaning up in the casinos on these bold and often accurate boxing predictions that I make. What better way to pour money back into an ailing economy?

R.I.P. Farrah Fawcett

At 62 years of age, pop culture icon Farrah Fawcett died of cancer today. Damn, first it was Ed McMahon and now it’s Farrah Fawcett. Fawcett, a sex symbol back in the 1970’s will be remembered for her role in Charlie’s Angels as well as a swimsuit model who posed for a number of posters that many guys around the world hung proudly on their bedroom walls. Even though we all eventually pass away at some point or another, we leave something behind. Fawcett left behind the long lasting legacy of a talented actress as well as a national sex symbol. Rest in peace.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cranium of mass destruction!

This morning on Elvis Duran in the Morning show on Z100, there was a segment in which women were calling in to describe their craziest freak-out bitch moments. This one girl, whose boyfriend cheated on her if I’m not mistaking, admitted to the radio show that she exacted revenge on her cheating boyfriend by head butting the shit out of his new truck (country boys have a tremendous amount of pride in their new trucks).

She claimed the headbutting was painless due to the fact that she doesn't have any feeling in her forehead (no pain, but how about brains?!?), so she repeatedly head butted the door of the truck and made a huge dent. LMAO! Who the hell does that? She seemed happy and upbeat as she was describing the incident, clearly proud of what she had done. I guess she's OK, physically, for now. Had I been in her presence while doing that, I don't think I would've tried to stop her either (unless I was the boyfriend with the truck of course)! It would have been too comical of a sight for me to intervene. Plus, I wouldn’t want her head butting me! I probably would've just sat on the sidelines, in amazement that a chick could do that with her dome, and laughed hysterically!

She used her cranium as a weapon of mass destruction to her boyfriend’s truck!

What next?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

R.I.P. Ed McMahon

Ed McMahon passed away in Los Angeles today at the age of 86. Although he was fighting foreclosure on his house, he had lived a wealthy and prosperous life. As recently as February, McMahon was hospitalized for pnemeunia and had reportedly been suffering from several other health problems in recent years. Best known as Johnny Carson's sidekick [Heerrrre's Johnny!] on the 'Tonight Show' for over 30 years, my most vivid memories of McMahon date back to the old school days on Central Ave in D-town when friends of mine from high school and other acquaintances would come over to my house. Fascinated with the idea that I had a picture of Ed McMahon at my house, they would take the picture and place it over the picture of Jesus that hung on my living room wall. Yes, they put Ed McMahon's picture over Jesus's picture. Is that just nuts? They did it for you, Ed!
Rest in Peace.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

BLOG OF BRYAN EXCLUSIVE: The meat and potatoes deep within the life and mind of B-Money

There's a price to pay for being happy. The price you pay is not being afraid to disappoint others with the actions you take in making attempts to better your way of life.

Realising that this is the Garden State, I think we've had more than enough rain to water our state ten times over! With the cloudy skies and the rainy weather conditions outside, I figure this is the ideal moment for a little Saturday morning blogging, what do you say? *thumbs up from the readers* Glad you agree with me! Let's get down to the meat and potatoes of B-Money, shall we? Let's get down to the nitty gritty. Let's get juicy!

Here's the deal ladies and gentlemen. Currently I have been working and working pretty hard at my job, which is no longer at Solix Inc. My job has not been at Solix Inc for quite some time and for reasons that remain undisclosed to Blog of Bryan viewers. Right now I'm working for a company down in Middlesex County, which for the time being I elect to remain anonymous, as a compliance auditor (to some extent).

Due to a painstakingly deficient job market as well as my intentions to bank money, increase my marketability and maintain high productivity through the position I am working at with this company, I remain dedicated to my job and attempt to do the best job possible each and every day. As I stated in a previous post dated a few months ago, I'm going to come 110% with whatever I do or I am not going to come at all.

I am grateful that I am gainfully employed and that I am doing such a kick-ass job in the work place, whether or not it goes unnoticed. Bottom line is: I've been told I'm doing a bang up job. As a result of the accuracy in my production, one of the co-workers has actually questioned (probably joking around) whether or not I'm with the FBI!

My current job is bringing in decent money for today's economic standards and that money is certainly paying my bills, but in these times of economic and financial insecurity, and with the obligations I am expected to meet in the coming months and years, it often feels like 80% to 90% of my income is always committed else where. Whether it be phone bills, gas for the automobile, student loans, or whatever the case may be, my money is usually going somewhere else other than leisure or savings.

At this time the greatest benefit I'm getting out of the income I generate is the gym membership I have with Retro Fitness. Therefore, I have made the critical decision to seek part time work in addition to the full time day job that I am already committed to - a commitment that will remain completely unscathed by the responsibilities that will come with a part time job on the side.

My plans are to remain where I am at my current job, but I also feel the need to seek a 2nd job that I can do on the side - a job that does not interfere with the schedule and commitments I have to my full time job. Bringing more money and establishing a substantially large nest egg for myself is something that I intend to do in the coming months. By January 2010, I would like to not only be living on my own, but also living on my own and living well off.

I refuse to settle for living on my own and barely surviving as I nickel and dime myself through each pay period and live pay check to pay check. The fact that I am able to pay my bills is a relief, but I want to make some extra money so that I may continue to do nice things for B-Money as well as bank some money away for a rainy day (I'll be careful what I say - judging by the amount of rain we're getting lately, a rainy day could mean, today, tomorrow, the next day, etc. LOL). I also intend to open a separate checking account solely for the purpose of emergency funding. These funds, serving as a substitute for the utilization of my Capital One credit card, will remain untouched and will only be spent on emergency expenses.

When it comes to family members, I believe one should also help family when they are in need, and I am more than happy to do so, but when the family light is a tad dim and the family does not really think about the way that they are communicating to you or the manner in which they are speaking to you, sometimes you must temporarily place them in time-out while you live your life and get your life in order!

One gets the impression that I am incensed, but I call it being rational and self-aware. We are only here on this planet in this life time for a cup of coffee. That's how fast it feels like it goes by - we stop off here for a cup of coffee and then we are soon on our way to the next destination. Well I choose to enjoy that cup of coffee during that coffee break for as long as it lasts! There's a price to pay for being happy. The price you pay is not being afraid to disappoint others with the actions you take in making attempts to better your way of life.

I advocate living for the living, rather than being a Negative Nancy, who chooses to remain handcuffed to the deceased. When I take the steps necessary to make it big and reach the pinnacle I have in my sights ahead, and communication and respect changes, I will issue the necessary aid that estranged family members are seeking.

For now ladies and gentlemen, it is B-Money time. It is my time. I'm young, handsome, and have a lot of house cleaning to do in my agenda. Through trials and tribulations, thick and thin, I'll take the necessary steps to get to where I need to get to live a safe, healthy, and prosperous lifestyle.

Friday, June 19, 2009

This summer is practically booked with events!

I can not believe how fast this week went by. It seems like just yesterday Beanie was treating Mike, Chris Milek, her boyfriend and I to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. That was on Sunday. It's already Friday. Where does the time go folks?

As of late I've just been working and trying to keep my head above the tides of life that traverse us through the troughs. For the past two weeks, I've been going over to Mike's house in Edison to play Halo with Mike, Ray, and Chris. The first week I played I got 0 kills. A couple days ago, I actually managed to get four kills - three of them were Mike and one was Ray, so I'm definitely making progress with that game. Those are the first two times I ever played Halo and I'm learning how to play against people who have been consistently playing that game on a weekly basis. Learning how to play against other players is always more challenging than learning how to play against the computer. Wednesday Halo night is a terrific way to break up the monotony that is the work week.

From 4th of July to the much anticipated wedding, there are a number of events upcoming this summer. Most of the weekends this summer are booked with proposed events. On 4th of July weekend, I'll be Edison at Mike's house with the old Stockton gang celebrating our country's Independence Day. On the weekend of July 18, Mike and I will be helping Ray and Melissa (soon to be married) move into their new apartment at Royal Oaks apartment complex in Monmouth Junction. The first weekend of August, we'll be making a return to the shore house in Lavallette which is sure to be yet another kick-ass weekend. Another Friday night trip to Joey Harrison's Surf Club will be in order. Hopefully this time around, ladies and gentlemen, I don't get cock blocked!

In the mail, I finally got my $50 rebate visa card from Verizon Wireless. When I got my new phone and activated my plan with Verizon, I submitted my proof of purchase receipt along with the bar code sticker on the box to get my $50 rebate. I got it in the mail today, so I was very happy about that. That's $50 extra I have for leisurely spending, which is always a nice thing to have. I'll probably go out and get myself something to eat in just a few moments. Summer of 2009 is set to officially begin this weekend and it should be quite a summer. From 4th of July to the bachelor party to the wedding and all of the get togethers, celebrations, and summer events in between, there's much to enjoy and much to cover.

That's about it for now, ladies and gentlemen. Stay tuned for the latest and greatest, as it pertains to B-Money and all of the news and events that revolve around me. You know you love it - almost as much as you love me! HOLLA.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

B-Money is back to paying off credit card (again)

...and I will bring it back down to $0 again, in a relatively short period of time!

Today has been a rainy Saturday, but the fact that it's another weekend is good enough to keep me satisfied. Why waste time complaining about rain? A wise young lady from Indonesia (on facebook) recently offered up some wise words of wisdom when I talked about the rain on my facebook page, saying, " Why not look on the brighter side? After every rain storm God provide a rainbow." I replied to the beautiful Indonesian, "Words of Wisdom! Very well said."

Although I must admit things have been going well for me at work. Monday is another pay day and I should be getting a bonus for my productivity along with this upcoming pay check, so I am definitely looking forward to receiving that because I could use the extra money right now. Due to a couple of problems I had with my car recently, I regret to say that I put some charges back onto the credit card that I said I would never use again! LOL.

Believe me, I know many of you are thinking, "What the fuck?" Yes I admit being sucked into using the damn card again when I felt the need to do so, but that's generally what credit cards are supposed to be for. Emergencies! However I did not expect an emergency to arise so soon after my successful attempt to rid myself of the credit card debt. I'll probably open an account solely for the purpose of emergency funding; this account will be a separate account from my Wachovia accounts. That's really what I need to do to prevent myself from paying with credit, itching closer to debt, and pushing myself further away from wealth and prosperity.

On the brighter side, I showed the ability to reduce the credit card debt down to a $0 balance just under a month ago. I will do it again! I won't complain about the credit card debt. I will embrace the situation, take care of business, and get rid of the debt once again. When I bring the balance of the card back down to $0, and in a relatively short period of time, it will further improve and advance my credit status and make me look even better than when I paid the debt off last month!

Right now I see the glass as being half full rather than half empty. My student loan balance is gradually coming down, as I am paying off a little bit of the principal along with the interest each and every month when the bill is due. I still do not have to worry about Auto Insurance until January 2010. I'm grateful to myself for having paid it off completely last month. While Capital One may have temporarily resurrected its ugly rear end back into my financial agenda, auto insurance and expensive T-Mobile cellular bills are two set backs that I definitely do not have to worry about at the present time. I'll never have to worry about expensive T-Mobile bills ever again. I am a proud Verizon subscriber with unlimited texting and free Verizon to Verizon minutes with friends who also have Verizon. That alone makes my life much easier. Amen to that!

Other than that, I'm looking forward to my lunch meeting tomorrow at 2PM with Beanie and Mike. Salad bars at Ruby Tuesday's are healthy, plentiful, and delicious. Ruby Tuesday's is vastly becoming a routine for Beanie, the Mileks, and I, but it's a routine you will not hear B-Money complain about!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Rainy Friday morning bloggery!

Much is on B-Money's plate this summer.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, this is your boy B-Money giving all of you a little update before I start my work day in about half an hour on this rainy Friday morning. Hey at least it’s Friday, right? Even though I don’t get paid until Monday, I’m still grateful that I am getting paid, making money, and that I am gainfully employed.

Yet another weekend is upon us folks. This weekend I will be having lunch with Beanie and Mike on Sunday. Beanie has elected to treat Mike and I to lunch as a thanks for helping her with the Relay for Life at Sussex County Community College a couple weeks ago. In my opinion, that event was for a good cause and was more of a good deed accomplished than anything else, but remain thankful to Beanie for choosing to treat us for lunch. We will probably be having lunch at Ruby Tuesdays and then going to Cliff’s for ice cream afterwards. Other than that, this weekend is going to be rather low key, but B-Money has a lot on his plate this summer. Along with all of the weekend parties upcoming, I also have a bachelor party and a wedding to brace myself for this summer.

On the weekend of 4th of July, a bunch of us will be getting together, most likely in Edison, to celebrate Independence Day. Mike has made tentative plans to have us all down at the shore house in Lavallette on the weekend of July 25-27, a weekend on which we intend to take a day trip to Long Beach Island. That should be a truly enjoyable summer weekend, but not before we give Ray and Mel a helping hand with their move. Approximately a month before their wedding day, Ray and Mel will be moving into their new apartment at the Royal Oaks apartment complex in Monmouth Junction. Mike and I are expected to help them out with that move on Saturday, July 18.

Also on July 18, Floyd “Money” Mayweather is returning to the ring, following his eleven month retirement, to face lightweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez at a catch weight of 144lbs. The fight features two of the best technicians as well as two of the best pound for pound fighters in the sport, so you know I’ll be heading to Miami Mike’s Sports Zone that same night to watch that fight on HBO PPV.

At this time, I’m just trying to make money, get ahead of the curve, and stay ahead of the curve. You already know what the deal is with me when it comes to that. I’m thrilled to have a job and it’s remarkable that I just blogged you here at work before the start of my work day. Hopefully you all have a nice weekend. Thank you for reading, continue to visit Blog of Bryan, and stay tuned!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Greg Root sleeping, looking like he's taking his pulse.

Greg looks like he is in a sleeper hold here.

B-Money taking in the rays in Ocean Beach!

Great times at Ocean beach, as I spent some time with my Stockton and Jersey shore peoples tanning on the beach today. We had a fabulous time this weekend, between Joey Harrison's Surf Club (minus the cock blocking incident), Wildwood, Stockton, Ocean Beach, etc). I feel good. I feel hot. There's always room for improvement and progress. This is a gorgeous day! Enjoy the video, hopefully as much as I enjoyed filming it. I'm off to Point Pleasant. Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Last night's return to Joey Harrisons Surf Club

B-Money got cock blocked!

Last night was a pretty decent time at Joey Harrison's, as I feel that's one of the best clubs in this area. Unfortunately, I feel like I did get more or less cock blocked last night when I was trying to make some moves on this hot chick out on the dance floor.

The culprit was some terrible dude who kept interjecting and trying to dance with her, but she kept breaking away from his grasp and coming back to me to dance with me. Obviously she was not interested in that turdmite. She was pretty hot, but I'm also hot and I was also pretty drunk. Hot attracts hot. She had a nice little body and we were getting pretty close on the dance floor, but this fuck tart kept getting in the way and she got really aggravated. I think she left the club! Maybe an ex-boyfriend? Who knows what the complete story is, but I felt like I was on my way to potentially making something happen there. Oh well, there will be other nights. Many other nights in the future. But this chick had a really nice body!

Other than that, I love Joey Harrisons and enjoyed my return there. I hadn't been there since July. In a little bit, we're all going to get ready to head down to Wildwood. Mike, Greg, Ray, Mel, Chris, and I will be making the trip down there. Beanie is home sick; I wish her a speedy recovery. I believe Angela is helping her family with a garden, or something to that extent. Damn, I think I'm hung over. I've fallen through the cracks as it pertains to alcohol consumption, so my body is not used to what I drank last night. More to come later...

Friday, June 05, 2009

B-Money back in Lavallette to kick off the summer!

The great B-Money is live and in full effect here in Lavallette to get ready for the big Wildwood weekend. It's going to be a tremendous time. Here's a video describing a few of my thoughts as well as the feeling and the atmosphere here tonight amongst friends on this summer kick off weekend!

B-Money's return to Lavallette for entrance into summer 2009!

Ladies and gentlemen, here we go again. I'm back down here in Lavallette for yet another truly amazing and sensational weekend with some adoring best friends. Tomorrow we will be taking a trip to Wildwood for some boardwalk and water park beach time. I guess you can say that the summer is finally here. Yeaaaah baby! I'm ready for the summer. I've been working out at Retro Fitness and my stomach is a little flatter than it was before. I'm the King of Cardio, but I could use some muscle tone to my gorgeous body as well. For right now, I'm just partying it up with some friends of mine at the Jersey Shore and you can not beat that. Here's to the summer of 2009 baby - I got me a Labatt 50 Imported and I just took a nice tasteful sip of it. Mmmmmmmm! Delicious. Time to go party. There's plenty on the table for B-Money. I might be getting a brand new automobile very very soon! Stay tuned, my family, friends, fans, and stalkers alike. B-Money, The Truth, was here and B-Money has spoken baby! HOLLA!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Little boy threatens to kill George W. Bush!

As I was listening to 105.1 this morning, it was brought to my attention that some little kid had threatened to kill former United States President George W. Bush. Surely enough, when I searched for it on Youtube moments ago, I found the video in its entirety. Don’t get me wrong, I was about as anti-Bush as any of the 80% who despised him at the end of his two terms, but to come out on Youtube and threaten to kill a former, or even current, president??? You either have to have some balls, or you have to be pretty fucking stupid and I think it’s the latter with this little boy right here. What a turdmite! I hope he has fun in the juvenille detention center that he is sure to be placed in. His parents will probably also be doing some pretty severe prison time.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Relay for Life: A gratifying success!

King and Queen of Hearts win award for Most Creative Tent in first year of participation!

The American Cancer Society Relay for Life at Sussex County Community College was a success on Saturday. I arrived at the school around 1:45 PM to help Beanie, her sister Angela, her brother Brian, and Mike (who arrived at the same time) set up the tent and prepare all of the goodies for distribution and sale.

We sold cookies, home-made rice crispy treats, and bottled Izzi brand drinks (often sold at Starbucks for about $2.50 a bottle). All of these treats and drinks were compliments of Beanie and Mike, as I bought the balloons, ice, and a cooler in which to store the ice and drinks. The walk started at 4PM and ended at 8AM on Sunday.

Mike and Beanie took turns going to sleep in between doing laps to fight cancer. B-Money was a nocturnal trooper ladies and gentlemen; I stayed up the entire night and did some laps as well. Around the track, one could see bags with live candles inside. The bags had the individual names of those in Sussex County, who either passed away due to the disease, are currently battling the disease, or survived and beat the disease. A function such as a fundraiser for cancer is really an eye opening experience.

At 4AM, after waking up Colleen to watch the tent, Mike and I took an early morning trip to Quickchek, where I spotted a hot chick with a beautiful face, nice ass and what looked like a tramp stamp. It was a pretty sight to behold, considering the Lipton mint tea I picked up at Quickchek was certainly not worth the trip! Yes this is a post about the Relay for Life, but I had to incorporate the appreciation I had for this girl’s face and body somewhere in this post, so there you go!

On Sunday morning at the award ceremony, Beanie Mike and I won a team award for most creative looking tent. That was pretty cool, considering that it was our first year participating in the fundraiser. Our team name was King and Queen of Hearts and our tent was Las Vegas themed, with purple, red, gold, dark green, and black balloons. I also got us a Las Vegas themed playing card balloon for the tent. Considering we now have a title to defend, we will be returning next year as well! We're not only going to retain our current title, but also win another title by at least placing as one of the top three fundraising teams!

At the end of the function, all of the teams combined had raised over $60,000 in donation money. Well done, team! Well done, fundraiser!

Bruno tea bags Eminem at MTV music awards!

Borat actor Sacha Baron Cohen, in character as Bruno, was flying above the crowd at the MTV Music Awards dressed as an angel with wings from cable pulleys, when the cables eventually tangled up and Cohen fell down into the crowd. He landed on rapper Eminem, in what was an unscripted stunt. Clearly disgruntled with having just been tea bagged by Cohen, Eminem along with friends sitting with him at the show quickly shoved Cohen off of Eminem, at which point an angry Eminem got up out of his seat and left the Awards show. I don’t blame Eminem one bit; I would not have been a happy camper!