Saturday, June 13, 2009

B-Money is back to paying off credit card (again)

...and I will bring it back down to $0 again, in a relatively short period of time!

Today has been a rainy Saturday, but the fact that it's another weekend is good enough to keep me satisfied. Why waste time complaining about rain? A wise young lady from Indonesia (on facebook) recently offered up some wise words of wisdom when I talked about the rain on my facebook page, saying, " Why not look on the brighter side? After every rain storm God provide a rainbow." I replied to the beautiful Indonesian, "Words of Wisdom! Very well said."

Although I must admit things have been going well for me at work. Monday is another pay day and I should be getting a bonus for my productivity along with this upcoming pay check, so I am definitely looking forward to receiving that because I could use the extra money right now. Due to a couple of problems I had with my car recently, I regret to say that I put some charges back onto the credit card that I said I would never use again! LOL.

Believe me, I know many of you are thinking, "What the fuck?" Yes I admit being sucked into using the damn card again when I felt the need to do so, but that's generally what credit cards are supposed to be for. Emergencies! However I did not expect an emergency to arise so soon after my successful attempt to rid myself of the credit card debt. I'll probably open an account solely for the purpose of emergency funding; this account will be a separate account from my Wachovia accounts. That's really what I need to do to prevent myself from paying with credit, itching closer to debt, and pushing myself further away from wealth and prosperity.

On the brighter side, I showed the ability to reduce the credit card debt down to a $0 balance just under a month ago. I will do it again! I won't complain about the credit card debt. I will embrace the situation, take care of business, and get rid of the debt once again. When I bring the balance of the card back down to $0, and in a relatively short period of time, it will further improve and advance my credit status and make me look even better than when I paid the debt off last month!

Right now I see the glass as being half full rather than half empty. My student loan balance is gradually coming down, as I am paying off a little bit of the principal along with the interest each and every month when the bill is due. I still do not have to worry about Auto Insurance until January 2010. I'm grateful to myself for having paid it off completely last month. While Capital One may have temporarily resurrected its ugly rear end back into my financial agenda, auto insurance and expensive T-Mobile cellular bills are two set backs that I definitely do not have to worry about at the present time. I'll never have to worry about expensive T-Mobile bills ever again. I am a proud Verizon subscriber with unlimited texting and free Verizon to Verizon minutes with friends who also have Verizon. That alone makes my life much easier. Amen to that!

Other than that, I'm looking forward to my lunch meeting tomorrow at 2PM with Beanie and Mike. Salad bars at Ruby Tuesday's are healthy, plentiful, and delicious. Ruby Tuesday's is vastly becoming a routine for Beanie, the Mileks, and I, but it's a routine you will not hear B-Money complain about!

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