Friday, June 05, 2009

B-Money's return to Lavallette for entrance into summer 2009!

Ladies and gentlemen, here we go again. I'm back down here in Lavallette for yet another truly amazing and sensational weekend with some adoring best friends. Tomorrow we will be taking a trip to Wildwood for some boardwalk and water park beach time. I guess you can say that the summer is finally here. Yeaaaah baby! I'm ready for the summer. I've been working out at Retro Fitness and my stomach is a little flatter than it was before. I'm the King of Cardio, but I could use some muscle tone to my gorgeous body as well. For right now, I'm just partying it up with some friends of mine at the Jersey Shore and you can not beat that. Here's to the summer of 2009 baby - I got me a Labatt 50 Imported and I just took a nice tasteful sip of it. Mmmmmmmm! Delicious. Time to go party. There's plenty on the table for B-Money. I might be getting a brand new automobile very very soon! Stay tuned, my family, friends, fans, and stalkers alike. B-Money, The Truth, was here and B-Money has spoken baby! HOLLA!

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