Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cranium of mass destruction!

This morning on Elvis Duran in the Morning show on Z100, there was a segment in which women were calling in to describe their craziest freak-out bitch moments. This one girl, whose boyfriend cheated on her if I’m not mistaking, admitted to the radio show that she exacted revenge on her cheating boyfriend by head butting the shit out of his new truck (country boys have a tremendous amount of pride in their new trucks).

She claimed the headbutting was painless due to the fact that she doesn't have any feeling in her forehead (no pain, but how about brains?!?), so she repeatedly head butted the door of the truck and made a huge dent. LMAO! Who the hell does that? She seemed happy and upbeat as she was describing the incident, clearly proud of what she had done. I guess she's OK, physically, for now. Had I been in her presence while doing that, I don't think I would've tried to stop her either (unless I was the boyfriend with the truck of course)! It would have been too comical of a sight for me to intervene. Plus, I wouldn’t want her head butting me! I probably would've just sat on the sidelines, in amazement that a chick could do that with her dome, and laughed hysterically!

She used her cranium as a weapon of mass destruction to her boyfriend’s truck!

What next?

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