Saturday, June 20, 2009

BLOG OF BRYAN EXCLUSIVE: The meat and potatoes deep within the life and mind of B-Money

There's a price to pay for being happy. The price you pay is not being afraid to disappoint others with the actions you take in making attempts to better your way of life.

Realising that this is the Garden State, I think we've had more than enough rain to water our state ten times over! With the cloudy skies and the rainy weather conditions outside, I figure this is the ideal moment for a little Saturday morning blogging, what do you say? *thumbs up from the readers* Glad you agree with me! Let's get down to the meat and potatoes of B-Money, shall we? Let's get down to the nitty gritty. Let's get juicy!

Here's the deal ladies and gentlemen. Currently I have been working and working pretty hard at my job, which is no longer at Solix Inc. My job has not been at Solix Inc for quite some time and for reasons that remain undisclosed to Blog of Bryan viewers. Right now I'm working for a company down in Middlesex County, which for the time being I elect to remain anonymous, as a compliance auditor (to some extent).

Due to a painstakingly deficient job market as well as my intentions to bank money, increase my marketability and maintain high productivity through the position I am working at with this company, I remain dedicated to my job and attempt to do the best job possible each and every day. As I stated in a previous post dated a few months ago, I'm going to come 110% with whatever I do or I am not going to come at all.

I am grateful that I am gainfully employed and that I am doing such a kick-ass job in the work place, whether or not it goes unnoticed. Bottom line is: I've been told I'm doing a bang up job. As a result of the accuracy in my production, one of the co-workers has actually questioned (probably joking around) whether or not I'm with the FBI!

My current job is bringing in decent money for today's economic standards and that money is certainly paying my bills, but in these times of economic and financial insecurity, and with the obligations I am expected to meet in the coming months and years, it often feels like 80% to 90% of my income is always committed else where. Whether it be phone bills, gas for the automobile, student loans, or whatever the case may be, my money is usually going somewhere else other than leisure or savings.

At this time the greatest benefit I'm getting out of the income I generate is the gym membership I have with Retro Fitness. Therefore, I have made the critical decision to seek part time work in addition to the full time day job that I am already committed to - a commitment that will remain completely unscathed by the responsibilities that will come with a part time job on the side.

My plans are to remain where I am at my current job, but I also feel the need to seek a 2nd job that I can do on the side - a job that does not interfere with the schedule and commitments I have to my full time job. Bringing more money and establishing a substantially large nest egg for myself is something that I intend to do in the coming months. By January 2010, I would like to not only be living on my own, but also living on my own and living well off.

I refuse to settle for living on my own and barely surviving as I nickel and dime myself through each pay period and live pay check to pay check. The fact that I am able to pay my bills is a relief, but I want to make some extra money so that I may continue to do nice things for B-Money as well as bank some money away for a rainy day (I'll be careful what I say - judging by the amount of rain we're getting lately, a rainy day could mean, today, tomorrow, the next day, etc. LOL). I also intend to open a separate checking account solely for the purpose of emergency funding. These funds, serving as a substitute for the utilization of my Capital One credit card, will remain untouched and will only be spent on emergency expenses.

When it comes to family members, I believe one should also help family when they are in need, and I am more than happy to do so, but when the family light is a tad dim and the family does not really think about the way that they are communicating to you or the manner in which they are speaking to you, sometimes you must temporarily place them in time-out while you live your life and get your life in order!

One gets the impression that I am incensed, but I call it being rational and self-aware. We are only here on this planet in this life time for a cup of coffee. That's how fast it feels like it goes by - we stop off here for a cup of coffee and then we are soon on our way to the next destination. Well I choose to enjoy that cup of coffee during that coffee break for as long as it lasts! There's a price to pay for being happy. The price you pay is not being afraid to disappoint others with the actions you take in making attempts to better your way of life.

I advocate living for the living, rather than being a Negative Nancy, who chooses to remain handcuffed to the deceased. When I take the steps necessary to make it big and reach the pinnacle I have in my sights ahead, and communication and respect changes, I will issue the necessary aid that estranged family members are seeking.

For now ladies and gentlemen, it is B-Money time. It is my time. I'm young, handsome, and have a lot of house cleaning to do in my agenda. Through trials and tribulations, thick and thin, I'll take the necessary steps to get to where I need to get to live a safe, healthy, and prosperous lifestyle.

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