Saturday, June 06, 2009

Last night's return to Joey Harrisons Surf Club

B-Money got cock blocked!

Last night was a pretty decent time at Joey Harrison's, as I feel that's one of the best clubs in this area. Unfortunately, I feel like I did get more or less cock blocked last night when I was trying to make some moves on this hot chick out on the dance floor.

The culprit was some terrible dude who kept interjecting and trying to dance with her, but she kept breaking away from his grasp and coming back to me to dance with me. Obviously she was not interested in that turdmite. She was pretty hot, but I'm also hot and I was also pretty drunk. Hot attracts hot. She had a nice little body and we were getting pretty close on the dance floor, but this fuck tart kept getting in the way and she got really aggravated. I think she left the club! Maybe an ex-boyfriend? Who knows what the complete story is, but I felt like I was on my way to potentially making something happen there. Oh well, there will be other nights. Many other nights in the future. But this chick had a really nice body!

Other than that, I love Joey Harrisons and enjoyed my return there. I hadn't been there since July. In a little bit, we're all going to get ready to head down to Wildwood. Mike, Greg, Ray, Mel, Chris, and I will be making the trip down there. Beanie is home sick; I wish her a speedy recovery. I believe Angela is helping her family with a garden, or something to that extent. Damn, I think I'm hung over. I've fallen through the cracks as it pertains to alcohol consumption, so my body is not used to what I drank last night. More to come later...

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