Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Little boy threatens to kill George W. Bush!

As I was listening to 105.1 this morning, it was brought to my attention that some little kid had threatened to kill former United States President George W. Bush. Surely enough, when I searched for it on Youtube moments ago, I found the video in its entirety. Don’t get me wrong, I was about as anti-Bush as any of the 80% who despised him at the end of his two terms, but to come out on Youtube and threaten to kill a former, or even current, president??? You either have to have some balls, or you have to be pretty fucking stupid and I think it’s the latter with this little boy right here. What a turdmite! I hope he has fun in the juvenille detention center that he is sure to be placed in. His parents will probably also be doing some pretty severe prison time.

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