Friday, June 12, 2009

Rainy Friday morning bloggery!

Much is on B-Money's plate this summer.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, this is your boy B-Money giving all of you a little update before I start my work day in about half an hour on this rainy Friday morning. Hey at least it’s Friday, right? Even though I don’t get paid until Monday, I’m still grateful that I am getting paid, making money, and that I am gainfully employed.

Yet another weekend is upon us folks. This weekend I will be having lunch with Beanie and Mike on Sunday. Beanie has elected to treat Mike and I to lunch as a thanks for helping her with the Relay for Life at Sussex County Community College a couple weeks ago. In my opinion, that event was for a good cause and was more of a good deed accomplished than anything else, but remain thankful to Beanie for choosing to treat us for lunch. We will probably be having lunch at Ruby Tuesdays and then going to Cliff’s for ice cream afterwards. Other than that, this weekend is going to be rather low key, but B-Money has a lot on his plate this summer. Along with all of the weekend parties upcoming, I also have a bachelor party and a wedding to brace myself for this summer.

On the weekend of 4th of July, a bunch of us will be getting together, most likely in Edison, to celebrate Independence Day. Mike has made tentative plans to have us all down at the shore house in Lavallette on the weekend of July 25-27, a weekend on which we intend to take a day trip to Long Beach Island. That should be a truly enjoyable summer weekend, but not before we give Ray and Mel a helping hand with their move. Approximately a month before their wedding day, Ray and Mel will be moving into their new apartment at the Royal Oaks apartment complex in Monmouth Junction. Mike and I are expected to help them out with that move on Saturday, July 18.

Also on July 18, Floyd “Money” Mayweather is returning to the ring, following his eleven month retirement, to face lightweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez at a catch weight of 144lbs. The fight features two of the best technicians as well as two of the best pound for pound fighters in the sport, so you know I’ll be heading to Miami Mike’s Sports Zone that same night to watch that fight on HBO PPV.

At this time, I’m just trying to make money, get ahead of the curve, and stay ahead of the curve. You already know what the deal is with me when it comes to that. I’m thrilled to have a job and it’s remarkable that I just blogged you here at work before the start of my work day. Hopefully you all have a nice weekend. Thank you for reading, continue to visit Blog of Bryan, and stay tuned!

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