Monday, June 01, 2009

Relay for Life: A gratifying success!

King and Queen of Hearts win award for Most Creative Tent in first year of participation!

The American Cancer Society Relay for Life at Sussex County Community College was a success on Saturday. I arrived at the school around 1:45 PM to help Beanie, her sister Angela, her brother Brian, and Mike (who arrived at the same time) set up the tent and prepare all of the goodies for distribution and sale.

We sold cookies, home-made rice crispy treats, and bottled Izzi brand drinks (often sold at Starbucks for about $2.50 a bottle). All of these treats and drinks were compliments of Beanie and Mike, as I bought the balloons, ice, and a cooler in which to store the ice and drinks. The walk started at 4PM and ended at 8AM on Sunday.

Mike and Beanie took turns going to sleep in between doing laps to fight cancer. B-Money was a nocturnal trooper ladies and gentlemen; I stayed up the entire night and did some laps as well. Around the track, one could see bags with live candles inside. The bags had the individual names of those in Sussex County, who either passed away due to the disease, are currently battling the disease, or survived and beat the disease. A function such as a fundraiser for cancer is really an eye opening experience.

At 4AM, after waking up Colleen to watch the tent, Mike and I took an early morning trip to Quickchek, where I spotted a hot chick with a beautiful face, nice ass and what looked like a tramp stamp. It was a pretty sight to behold, considering the Lipton mint tea I picked up at Quickchek was certainly not worth the trip! Yes this is a post about the Relay for Life, but I had to incorporate the appreciation I had for this girl’s face and body somewhere in this post, so there you go!

On Sunday morning at the award ceremony, Beanie Mike and I won a team award for most creative looking tent. That was pretty cool, considering that it was our first year participating in the fundraiser. Our team name was King and Queen of Hearts and our tent was Las Vegas themed, with purple, red, gold, dark green, and black balloons. I also got us a Las Vegas themed playing card balloon for the tent. Considering we now have a title to defend, we will be returning next year as well! We're not only going to retain our current title, but also win another title by at least placing as one of the top three fundraising teams!

At the end of the function, all of the teams combined had raised over $60,000 in donation money. Well done, team! Well done, fundraiser!

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