Friday, July 10, 2009

B-Money is grateful to be rewarded for kicking ass!

Right now I'm just waiting for Mike, Angela, and Chris to arrive at the Rockaway Mall so Beanie and her boyfriend can meet up with us and we can go see Bruno. I just wanted to take a little bit of time before hand to discuss just how grateful I am to receive a bonus this month.

My bonus was a substantially high amount and that will accelerate the process of getting to the point in my life that I visualize myself being at. As you all know, Capital One balance is coming back down again at reasonably fast pace after I used it to pay for the automobile repair I had over a month ago. By the end of this month, I will be back to having a $0 credit card balance, which once again feels absolutely phenomenal. In regards to the bonus money I'm getting Wednesday, I'm delighted to finally be getting rewarded for kicking ass at work like it's nobodies business. That bonus was beautiful.

B-Money is currently at the top of his game ladies and gentlemen! The odd adage is totally true. You just can't keep a champion down. Weekend is here, though. The time has come to go see what is supposed to be a really funny movie. Come Monday morning, I'll be kicking ass even HARDER because that's what I was put there to do and I don't know too many people who can kick ass much better. There's plenty of obligations and priorities on my plate at this time. Next weekend, Mike and I are helping to soon-to-be wed move into their new apartment at Royal Oaks in Monmouth Junction. More to follow in regards to Royal Oaks, as I have a few surprises up my sleeve in the coming weeks and months. We also have the bachelor party coming up next month, as well as the wedding!

Gas prices are going down and I'm gradually replenishing all savings accounts. Damn, I'm good. As good as I am, once again I am even more GRATEFUL! Thank you God. When you think about it, I'm the president of my own life managing multiple tasks and doing an outstanding job! Time for me to go see Bruno. Remember folks, if you can't B-Money, then you just can't be serious!

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