Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bruno was pretty funny; Borat still slightly better over all!

Last night, Mike, Angela, Chris, Beanie, her boyfriend, and myself all went to see Bruno, starring Ali G's Sacha Baron Cohen who also starred as Borat, at the AMC theater at the Rockaway Mall. Just how good was Bruno?

I thought Bruno was a pretty funny movie, but how how did it rank in comparison with Borat. Bruno may have had funnier scenes than Borat overall, but I felt Borat's character was more developed and that movie had a more consistent plot which translates to a movie that is consistently more comical.

As a character, Bruno is a flagrantly homosexual fashion journalist who yearns to become world famous. The actions he takes in order to become famous are to be discovered by you when and if you make to theaters to see this movie.

If I thought Cohen pushed the line of moral constraint with Borat three years ago, he crossed the line in a full fledged sprint with this particular movie - everything right down to pouring a glass of of champagne out of a champagne bottle that's lodged in his boyfriend's ass. Overall, I thought Bruno was a good movie with a number of funny scenes, pictures, and sound bytes, but The Hangover remains by far the funniest movie I have seen this summer and one of the funniest movies I have seen in years.

After the movie, we all headed to Cliff's Ice Cream in Ledgewood to enjoy some ice cream before parting ways for the evening. As usual Mike ordered his usual ginormous skycraper cone. LOL.

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