Thursday, July 02, 2009

Primed and ready for 4th of July weekend!

This is sure to be a truly reinvigorating weekend of drinking, eating, and socializing.

The 4th of July holiday weekend is practically here ladies and gentlemen. My employer is scheduled to have its company picnic/volleyball game tomorrow at the local park. In what I believe is the politically correct action to take, I will be attending the picnic, but I will not be playing volleyball. As an employee who critiques and scores the performance of most of the employees at my job, it would feel like a conflict of interest for me to act buddy-buddy with them and play volleyball with them for an entire afternoon. That’s just my way of thinking and how I perceive that particular situation.

The company will also be getting pizza for all of the employees, which I am extremely grateful for, but I’m really looking forward to 5PM when my 4th of July weekend will officially kick off. I’ll be at Mike’s house in Edison this weekend, where the 4th of July festivities will be taking place. That is the location at which 4th of July was celebrated last year as well. I’m looking forward to having some drinks as well as some good food. Those in attendence at various points throughout the weekend will include Greg, Ray, Mel, Mike, Chris, Angela, and yours truly! Tomorrow night we’ll be heading out to the Stress Factory in New Brunswick to see Joe DeRosa, who has previously made appearances on Comedy Central. Fourth of July weekend is the heart and soul of the summer, as well as our Independence Day as Americans, so it is essential that we make the most of such a fine weekend and live it up!

Other than the much anticipated holiday weekend upcoming, I am delighted to admit that my credit card balance is coming back down again. My savings account is gradually being replenished on my behalf after debiting a large amount of the money from that account to pay off some expenses earlier this year. Credit card debt down; savings up, that is indeed the way to go. That is how I like to roll. B-Money is heading in the right direction. I’m continuing to focus on the bright light of prosperity that lies ahead. Let the good times roll my friends. This is sure to be a truly reinvigorating weekend of drinking, eating, and socializing. A little drunken socializing and fraternizing in the name and celebration of patriotism never hurt anybody, right?

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