Saturday, July 11, 2009

Things I have accomplished that I am thankful for!

In the midst of a recession, I am thrilled and impressed with how much I have accomplished over the last few months. Going from one job to another, in the midst of a recession, I put myself in a position where I make more money than I did before while performing work that is more suitable and less stressful. I feel a greater and more noble sense of achievement at my current job.

I also feel some sense of authority, realizing that I am scoring and judging the performance of so many employees on a day to day basis. These conclusions that I come to at the end of the day can potentially determine how much revenue does or does not go to the company. However, I'm a brainiac with a sharp mind. I don't feel any pressure under those circumstances because I know I'm doing what I have to do. At this time I continue to travel down a path of prosperity that will only see a positive light and a bright future ahead.

Having made it through some tough times and weathering several storms, I'm ready to discover the greener pastures that lie ahead. Receiving the bonus that was given to me yesterday was a significant game changer on my march down the glorious path towards prosperity, as that puts me in a better place regarding my Capital One credit card balance that is going down as well as my savings account which is one again growing. In analyzing the progress I have successfully made in attempting to better my way of life, let us exam the dynamic steps I have taken thus far.

  • I have been able to move from one job to another that pays on a higher pay scale.
  • I paid off my entire NJM auto insurance balance for the year 2009 back in May.
  • I switched cellular phone servers, from T-Mobile to Verizon, significantly reducing my monthly cell phone bills and granting myself unlimited text messaging with most of friends who are also Verizon subscribers.
  • I have dedicated myself at work with serious maximum efforts, for which I have not reached in YEARS, to the extent that I am the proud earner of a nice bonus payment come Wednesday when I get my check. Supervisor told me yesterday, in quote, "Employees don't normally get bonuses so quickly, but you are ahead of the curve!"

All of this was accomplished on my behalf in the midst of an economic recession, through determination, hard work, dedication, common sense, strategy, and smarts. Each and every one of these accomplishments have contributed to putting me in a better spot than I was before. Is the best yet to come? You better believe so! B-Money has only just begun. Ladies and gentlemen, we are all pieces on a gigantic chess board. You are all the masters, the Presidents, of your own lives. Where I go and how fast I arrive is all a question of strategy and common sense on my behalf. B-Money, the creme de la creme, is going straight to the top baby!

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