Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Woman carelessly puts her face together while driving.

As I was driving on my commute to work this morning, I noticed a car moving pretty slow in front of me. Eventually I passed the vehicle, noticing that it was a woman applying eyeliner and preparing her face for the day while looking in the mirror. Forget about the fact that she could have gotten a ticket or a hefty fine for her careless driving habits. Heaven forbid she was driving fast enough and collided with another car, she might not have those pretty eyes anymore. She might even have a cute little eyeliner stick hanging out her head where her eyes used to be. Furthermore, she could’ve gotten into an accident and caused bodily harm or much worse, a fatality, to herself or others. Not cool at all. Lesson learned ladies: Either put your faces together at home before getting into the car to drive to work, or in the parking lot, with your car in PARK, before you get out of the car to go into work.

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