Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The typical girl who just wants a relationship

there are simply way too many of you out there for it to ring true for every single one of you!

Regardless of the impression you might get from them, most girls want to engage in sexual activity behind closed doors just as much as guys do. I'm not stupid; the ladies will never admit it. I've met a lot of "relationship-type" girls and I clearly recall how many of those encounters ended. None of them wanted to have fun; all they wanted was a relationship. LMAO. Yeah, right.

General perception is that guys are considered dirty players if they want to get down in the bedroom. All of us are just so filthy and guilty of perverted playa'ship. Girls, on the other hand, really want to get down under the sheets just as bad as we do. While they would give just about anything to ride a disco stick or two, they prefer to put on the facade of ladies who claim to be 'looking for relationships' in order to prevent the distinction and judgement of being skanky.

There are so many of you relationship-happy women out there, but I can see through the act and realize that many of you are really just hurtin' for a squirtin'! Those are the irrefutable facts, my ovary-possessing human counterparts. Many of you may not like me saying it. Don't hate me ladies, I am just telling the truth! MUAH!!!!!!!

Relationships are fine, but so is having fun (when you're not in one) and you know you want to have fun as much as we do, so STOP with the total good girl act.

Thank you!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Criminal background and credit checks pass: 57 more days until the big move!

I have just received word that Mike and I have both passed our criminal background and credit checks for the apartment in Royal Oaks, so the move is indeed officially a go for October 1. We’re only 57 short days away from freedom. Fifty seven days away from living the way that we want to live. Fifty seven days away from when I finally enter a brand new chapter in life, which could potentially be one of the finest chapters in a long time. I’m due for a make over in my life. I’m ready to embrace the changes to make some of these changes I have wanted to make for a while now. Royal Oaks, here we come!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

B-Money elaborates on weekend in Lavallette, Tsunami Challenge results, the wedding, big move in October, and more!

This was a truly spectacular weekend, which kicked of what is going to be a busy and active month of August. Between a potential birthday celebration, bachelor party, wedding (in which I am a groomsmen), a best friend flying in from Las Vegas, and other excitment, B-Money is practically booked for the month of August!

*NOTE* I said August 1. Move in date at Royal Oaks is OCTOBER 1. Not that you couldn't figure that out yourselves by now. LOL.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

B-Money completes Tsunami Challenge in just 11 minutes!

Mike and I did the Tsunami Challenge earlier today at Surf Taco. Officially the two of us finished in eleven minutes. That is the time that will be recorded by the wait staff, but Mike may very well have finished seconds before I did. It's difficult to tell who really finished first. There was a dispute at the beginning of the challenge, as the clock started and Mike had to call a halt believing he got the wrong burrito. Mike ordered his burrito with no meat and extra beans, while I ordered mine with no beans and extra meat. Ray and Mel ended up with Mike's order and visa versa, so they switched burritos and the challenge was soon underway. In the end, he had the right burrito and it was determined by the wait staff that we both finished in eleven minutes. That is perfectly fine by me. Therefore, I beat Greg Root's time of 14:40 by three minutes and forty seconds. WOW! Pictures and video coverage of the event are soon to follow. Stay tuned!

Beautiful day at Ocean Beach!

Today was the perfect day to go to the shore, as the sun was out and temperatures were perfect for tanning and swimming. I had the privledge of being able to tan and swim at Ocean Beach today. It was totally exhilarating. Enjoy the video!