Saturday, August 01, 2009

B-Money completes Tsunami Challenge in just 11 minutes!

Mike and I did the Tsunami Challenge earlier today at Surf Taco. Officially the two of us finished in eleven minutes. That is the time that will be recorded by the wait staff, but Mike may very well have finished seconds before I did. It's difficult to tell who really finished first. There was a dispute at the beginning of the challenge, as the clock started and Mike had to call a halt believing he got the wrong burrito. Mike ordered his burrito with no meat and extra beans, while I ordered mine with no beans and extra meat. Ray and Mel ended up with Mike's order and visa versa, so they switched burritos and the challenge was soon underway. In the end, he had the right burrito and it was determined by the wait staff that we both finished in eleven minutes. That is perfectly fine by me. Therefore, I beat Greg Root's time of 14:40 by three minutes and forty seconds. WOW! Pictures and video coverage of the event are soon to follow. Stay tuned!

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