Friday, September 04, 2009

B-Money's return on Blog of Bryan: Welcomes fall season, offers some words of wisdom, and elaborates on Dunkin Donuts make-out sessions!

Happy September folks.

Summer just came and went this year! That's not necessarily a bad thing, as summer has been somewhat chaotic and brought me some bad luck. Looking ahead, its safe to assume that I am ready for Fall after what has been a turbulent summer. Ray and Mel's wedding took place in Deptford back on August 22, in what I would refer to as one of the positive highlights of the summer.

Clearly, the wedding was one of the biggest and best events of the summer. I was one of the groomsmen, in what was a beautiful wedding that was followed up with a wonderful reception. It was great to see some familiar faces I had not seen in years, such as Anna Salazar and Jeremy Smith. B-Money even had the opportunity to meet a few new faces. There you see a picture of me, looking as good as ever. At the age of 28, I'm still one handsome son of bitch!

That time of year has once again resurfaced, as we're back to wearing hoodies again, the leaves on the trees changing color, Halloween stores re-opening, B-Money's 29th birthday exactly two months from , and temperatures just chilly enough to be fresh in the morning. I'm waiting for my windshield's first morning frost. Don't push it weather: *notice I said frost, not a TWO INCH SHEET OF ICE.*

It's been a while since I posted anything, but much has changed since my last update. I won't necessarily comment as to whether it's for the better or worse. All you need to know is that we as people are all put to the test, but we're never put to that test at a time that we would prefer. Unexpected monkey wrenches can hit you from left field at the moment you least suspect. I believe that has happened to me a few times this year and it has been unfortunate.

Sometimes it feels like the world is one massive delusion that millions of people are chasing, with many of them mislead, oppressed, and left in a state of confusion. So daunting the social and economic ways of life can be, when the foundation is set a top quick sand. Difficult these days for me to trust anybody or anything. End of the day, it's just Me, Myself, and I. You do you, while I do me. Allow me to move on to some other topics.

However, some people actually have their own answers for the world when it shits in their face. Nothing says lovin' like a middle-aged couple sucking face in front of Dunkin Donuts, then both of them lighting up their celebratory post-smooch cigarettes immediately afterwards, romantically basking in their delicious, lustful, smoke-filled embrace! I witnessed such a spectacle with my own two eyes while sitting in the parking lot drinking my cup of coffee. Cigarettes following a passionate kiss in front of Dunkin Donuts? Sooo special! I wonder what happens following a steamy session in the bedroom?!? Do they make the transition from cigarettes to toking up on BONG???

Facebook has become more of an addiction that I thought. It is way too easy and convenient for me to log on, be nosy and see what everyone else is doing, and to take satisfaction in the attention devoted to me from others! Last week I deactivated my facebook account in a failed attempt to pry myself away from it for a while, but I found myself re-activating the account when I logged back on 15 minutes later. What can I say? I'm addicted and I am not afraid to admit it. Better to be addicted to facebook than nicotine I suppose.

B-Money is quite fond of facebook and loves his facebook family, friends and fans. I will not be leaving facebook anytime soon; my addiction simply will not free me from its grasp. It's like two pigs in mating season. When they get down to business, the male corkscrews himself in there and that bitch is stuck for at least five days whether she like it or not. Yep, that's facebook and I, but my grasp has progressed a hell of a lot longer than five days!

You know what else I'm fond of? Having dinner with best friends. Therefore, I'm going to meet Beanie at Ruby Tuesdays for dinner in a few moments. Everyone have a Happy Labor Day weekend and stay tuned for some updates next week.


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