Sunday, October 25, 2009

Indian summer brings in a UFC robbery as well as Halloween and B-Money's 29th birthday soon to come!

The last couple of days have brought about Indian summer, as it was 70 degrees yesterday.  Even though it rained and there was thunder and lightening, the temperatures were at least bareable.  Once again today, the weather is pretty nice.  While the temperatures are not as mild today as they were yesterday, it still feels comfortable enough to be outside.

Halloween falls on a Saturday this year. I could not think of a better day than Saturday for Halloween.  On Friday night, Beanie and I will commuting together down to Mike's beach house in Lavallette where all of us will once again be celebrating Halloween.  We're all going to Bamboo on Saturday evening.  It has been a few months since the last time we've been down in Lavallette, so I am delighted that we'll going down there again in less than a week.  That should be a truly spectacular event.

In a couple of weeks, the week following Halloween, B-Money has another birthday coming up.  On November 5, I will be 29 years old. It feels like I just I just celebrated my 28th birthday yesterday.  Nothing is completely set in stone as of yet, but it's looking like my birthday celebration will indeed take place on Saturday, November 7 in Morristown - probably at Sona13.  The last two years in a row, I have celebrated my birthday at the Grasshopper so we will probably switch it up a bit this year.

Last night was UFC 104, as light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machita defended his title against Shogun Rua.  The fight was scheduled for five rounds and went to the scorecards in what was a very unpopular decision.  Machita was awarded the decision victory in a fight in which Shogun appeared to win at least four rounds in the eyes of most viewers. I can't speak for  anyone else, but I find  it interesting that so many people dismiss boxing as a credible sport, due to unpopular scoring and currupt decisions.

Shogun was clearly robbed last night. Lesson learned to all of the skeptics of boxing who cry corruption; it can happen in any sport in which money is involved.

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