Saturday, October 24, 2009

Newark airport security guard threatens President Obama's life!

I've been idle from blogging for quite some time, but if any story was going to prompt my return it was the story I read today. President Obama was flying into the Newark Liberty International Airport this week in order to campaign for Governor Corzine in his upcoming election against Republican challenger Chris Christie. Security guard John Brek, 55, employed by FJC Security Services, had planned to assassinate President Obama upon his arrival. According to Security, Brek is being held on $220,000 bail bond having plead not guilty to three felony charges

As quoted in the article:
Inside Brek's home, police found a tiny armory: eight handguns and 35 rifles, all legal. But they also found 50 rounds of 44-caliber, 240 grain-jacketed Remington hollow point bullets—infamously referred to as "cop-killer" bullets because they can pierce police bullet-proof vests—and a rifle that was reported stolen 11 years ago in Alabama.
Anything but patriotic ladies and gentlemen.  When one is not happy with the way the country is being run, assassinating the President of the United States is hardly a solution.  Notice how they never try to kill the dummies; always the intelligent ones who try to improve life in the home land through good faith.  Kennedy was assassinated, and much like Obama, he was a intelligent man who was trying to do good.  Obama now walks in the same shoes and it is at risk of the same fate.  Disgusting. 

Not only the act itself is dispicable, but the fact that it was a security guard at an airport in my state!!!!!!  As if the state of NJ didn't already have enough problems.  Now we have airport security attempting to murder the President of the United States?  Something is seriously fucked up with that picture.

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