Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Chris Christie wins NJ gubernatorial race!

Four years ago in his inaugural address, he said to the hopeful residents of the state of NJ, "Hold me accountable." Well guess what Jon? Collectively,we did just that!

Yesterday was Election Day and we saw a passing of the torch, as GOP challenger Chris Christie upset democratic incumbent Jon Corzine for the NJ governor seat in Trenton. Christie won 49% of the votes, while Corzine took 45%. Admittedly I voted for the independent Chris Daggett, as I believe he was the most logical choice of the three candidates. As a free and independent thinker who takes into account productivity and performance throughout an administration on any level, rather than automatically gravitating to the right or left, I believe that the correct candidate won in this case.

Over the last four years, this state has suffered from failed leadership that I feel has grown increasingly disasterous. When property taxes increase, sales taxes go up, and unemployment reaches record high levels (now 10% in the state of NJ), you are left with a state of troubled residents who are hurting badly. People can not make money because they are unable to find employment and they can not afford to buy a house even if they are employed because taxes are through the roof. Job loss, under Corzine's administration, has been abysmal - even prior to the time at which the recession hit the nation in December of 2007. As Christie said in a recent televised interview, our state is having the worst time out of any of the states in the tri-state area.

Those who view this as a referendum against President Barack Obama are likely mistaking. The fact of the matter is that Obama took 57% of the votes last year for his United States presidential race in the state of NJ and I happen to support him. He has given a worthy account of himself as it pertains to bringing the nation's economy back from the brink. Back in 2005, democratic voters had much more more confidence in Corzine, who defeated republican Doug Forrester by 15 points. Keep in mind, this was during the wildly unpopular second presidential term of republican George W. Bush. Obama, who on the contrary is a popular democratic president, was campaigning vigorously for Corzine in his bid for re-election, in what has traditionally been a blue state.

Corzine spent over twice as much money [approximately $24 million of his own money as opposed to $12 million] as Christie for his campaign and still some how managed to lose. This does not come as a concidence to me folks and it should not come as a coincidence to you either. No amount of money can repair or pay for a failed track record. Every now and then, people will prove their ability to think independently for themselves. This particular election had more to do with local and municipal issues than it did with President Obama. Not all of us are blind sheep, unconditionally supporting one party, and one one party only, regardless of how incompetent some of that party's leaders may be. Rest assured there are fuck ups in both the Democratic and Republican parties and that will always be the case.

Ladies and gentlemen, prosperity and a better way of life can not be attained, until justice is served in the struggle between successful leadership and failed leadership regardless of which political party you support. That's not just in the state of NJ, but also the country as a whole. Having said that, I can live with the fact that Christie has defeated Corzine. I have never been, and never will be, an advocate of rewarding failure. You can not simply assume that a leader, who has failed to live up to expectations when he was first elected, will automatically do better in the second term if he is re-elected. In this tough economic times, trust is waring thin and we must go about a different apprach in correcting the wrong doing.

Let's do away with the distorted ideology that one should feel the need to move to another state if their way of life is not up to par right here in this state! That ideology is over! Let's bring jobs back to the state of NJ! Let's get those property and sales taxes back down again! That way, folks of my generation can finally have steady employment again and will be able to buy a house before they're 40 years old. Upon his election last November, I did not expect President Obama to fix all of the country's mishaps with a magic wand, nor do I expect Governor Christie to do the same for our state beginning next year. All I ask for is hard work through good faith and a track record of taking the necessary steps to get our state moving in the right direction again. Both politicians were left with a disgusting mess due to the unjustifiable incompetence of their predecessors.

This blogger is ready to see what the Governor-Elect can do for this state when he takes office on January 17, 2010 and awaits his efforts in the near future. There are a couple of issues I strongly disagree with Christie about, such as his disapproval of gay marriage and full fledged support of insurance companies, but I think he is the less of the two evils. While I heavily criticized Corzine's administration, I will not get too high on Christie just yet. I am just an independent free thinker who intends to give the fresh face a fair chance to prove himself.

I also congratulate independent NY Mayor Mike Bloomberg for securing a victory over democratic candidate Bill Thompson. Bloomberg won narrowly by a margin of 52% to 48%. This will be Bloomberg's third term as the mayor of NY.

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