Thursday, December 31, 2009

Anticipation of NYE celebration as we exit 2009!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are less than eight hours away from a new year as well as a brand new decade when the ball drops in Time Square and 2010 is ushered in. Some people embrace New Years as their favorite time of the year, taking the holiday as their opportunity to reevaluate what they want in life and how a new year could potentially be different. It's also an appropriate time to eat, drink, and have a few parties!

In what has become a New Years Eve tradition for yours truly, I will once again be heading down to the Milek beach house in Lavallette, NJ to celebrate NYE with some friends of mine. We always have a blast when we're down there together.  Tonight we'll be going to Bamboo Bar in Seaside Heights, where there is a $30 cover charge for three hours of free food and drinks. That's definitely a sweet deal; this is indeed our consecutive year going to Bamboo. Those expected in attendance will Mike, Angela, Chris, Chris's friend Rob, Greg Root and myself. CD squared will probably arrive in Lavallette on Saturday, as will the Schloemers. As you can see, this should be a pretty eventful weekend.

My new year, immediately following the conclusion of this highly anticipated weekend of play time and celebration, will begin on Monday morning with an interview for a high paying state job. Talk about getting off to a good start, hey? I'm treating that interview very seriously and I look forward to making a legitimate case for my qualifications regarding the job. There's no sugarcoating the year 2009; itwas a tough year for many families throughout the country and it went by relatively fast. However, whatever doesn't kill us only makes us that much stronger. In what was a year plagued with layoffs, a rising unemployment rate, government healthcare reform debates, and other setbacks, it is essential that we remain hopeful that the following the year will be better.

Nonetheless, positive highlights of the year were the marriage of Ray and Melissa Schloemer, their move into their apartment in Monmouth Junction, and Mike and Chris Milek's acquisition of their condo in Princeton, NJ. I can only hope that I have as decent of a year as those folks had this year. As I celebrate NYE tonight, I remain optimistic that there is a light at the end of the tunnel that will take all of us into 2010 and beyond.

Everyone have a Happy New Year. May 2010 be happy and prosperous for the lot of you. Let there be light. Let there be progress. Let there be prosperity.